Manifesting a Great Bottle of Wine

This past week I took a much needed vacation visiting friends and relatives. It was a driving vacation that allowed my daughter and I to make lots of side stops along the roadways we traveled. Part of the path we took was designed for me to stop at the Davis Valley Winery off exit 54 […]

Saltgrass Steak House

About 4 days ago as I was driving home, I saw a Saltgrass Steak House and noted that I had not been there to eat in quite sometime and mentally noted that I wanted to go there soon. I then said “It is not for me to know how soon this will show up in […]

Instant Gratification

Sometimes when we least expect it our requests are answered almost immediately.  In June, I was in Pennsylvania for the Professional Women’s Business Network Expo.  It was their first expo and I was an onstage guest and signed a number of books while I was there.   I met a wonderful young lady who had written […]

Job Title

When I was working for a large computer company,  I decided not to pursue a management path.  I wanted to remain as a worker bee, maintaining my technical expertise.    There was a manager from a different division who took a temporary position as a “Systems Engineer”  in the marketing group.  He was excellent at what he […]


This should be titled “Not Following Your Intuition.” Friday night, my friend, Robin and I were going into Dallas to listen to a jazz singer by the name of Andrea Dawson. We agreed to meet there about 7 pm. As the day went on I started to feel tired. Around 5:30 pm I thought about emailing […]

Washer and Dryer

Several months ago my washing machine would stop spinning and then it would start. It finally gave out. It is only 5 years old. I called in my service man and he gave me the bad news that it was the computer and would cost several hundred dollars to replace. I told him to hold […]