Can You Be Possessed When Experiencing Hypnosis?

I guess I am always surprised by this question because I understand how the mind/brain works. Traditional superstitions, religious dogma, television shows, movies and stage performances leave the impression that a person is vulnerable to mind control when actively accessing the subconscious mind. Well let me first say what hypnosis isn’t. It is NOT a […]

The Top Four Benefits of Focused Guided Meditation

As I speak at various venues I have the opportunity to share the experience of “Focused Guided Meditation.” After the meditation has ended I hear statements such as, “That was different.” “That wasn’t what I expected.” “That was nice.” Or there is silence because the person is still processing the experience. Let me break down […]

I Don’t Care If I Remember Your Name!

My Three Secret Memory Tips Before daylight, on a chilly and wet, Tuesday morning, I arose to the smell of coffee brewing at 5:45 am. I immediately turned on the small space heater so I could go to the shower without freezing. This is the only day of the week that I rise at this […]

The Missing Ingredient That Stops You From Achieving Your Dream

The Missing Ingredient That Stops You From Achieving Your Dream I have been to several meetings and seminars where we were asked to set our goals for the next 3 to 6 months or for the year. We were to write down the following: The main goal we wanted to accomplish. By what date do […]

The Only Reason Men Fail is Broken Focus

The Only Reason Men Fail is Broken Focus by Dawn Haynes, Your Toolbox Diva™ I recently decided to do a home improvement project using pallets. I ended up opting out of pallets for this particular project and bought 1x4x12s instead. They were on sale. What can I say? I love a good deal. The trade-off […]

Seven Steps to Getting Known – Guerrilla Publicity for the Entrepreneur

Seven Steps to Getting Known – Guerrilla PR for the Entrepreneur Jill A. Lublin So you’ve started your own business and you’re ready to let the world (or your neighborhood) know. Now it’s time to add public relations to the list of your entrepreneurial skills. Public relations is human relations and a critical aspect of […]