Vision and Mission Statements

Welcome to Commanding Your Life

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I have decided that I will not let the barrier of money prevent anyone from getting the Life Coaching and/or Hypnosis help they may need.  It is my intention to assist a rotating 5 people.  As someone graduates or fails to fully participate, a new person will be added to the list.  If you know someone who has been wanting help but has hesitated because of cost send them to Commanding Your Life.

Vision Statement

To see all people being infinitely happy, confident and abundant while accessing their unique blueprint of success.

Who We Are and What We Do (Mission)

Our mission is to expand an individual’s limited view of themselves and their world while unlocking the true master within. Our Clients learn to operate from a position of greatness thus bringing about change. Individuals get a clear understanding of their core strengths and how to use them. We empower everyone to unlock the strengths of his or her conscious and subconscious mind.  We teach our clients techniques that empower them to take control of their destiny.

Welcome to a new way of thinking and being.