Living with PTSD

Living with PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and its effects have been a topic of major discussion especially in regard to Armed Forces people coming home from an area of combat. I have a good friend who was in Viet Nam who tells me that it took many years for him to be able […]

Steve Harvey’s Barber Says It All

Steve Harvey’s Barber . . . Says It All!: An Extra Ordinary Look at Hair Care On Christmas eve I went to Keller, TX for the annual gathering at my cousin Brenda’s house. Her daughter Diondra had just gotten into town as well as a long time friend of Brenda’s from Michigan. What was memorable […]

The Cost of Baggage by Akela Renae

The Cost of Baggage by Akela Renae I picked up this book at the Ultimate Women’s Expo in Dallas when I visited Ms. Renae’s author table. It sat on my desk for several weeks while I read several other books. My preconception was it would be a cute love story. The book is a novella, […]

Nicole Holland – Master Business Coach

Nicole Holland of Adler Services My colleague, Nicole Holland is a Master Coach who specializes in helping aspiring and newer entrepreneurs within their first few years of business to turn their passions into profit. She is known for supporting her clients in gaining clarity around the direction of their business in rapid fashion, removing hidden […]

What Are You Willing To Do To Succeed

I was doing trolling my Facebook feed as usual and I came across this video.  I have watched it many times now and decided to share this with you.  Ask yourself these questions as you watch: How badly do you want to succeed? How badly do you want your dreams to come true? What are […]

Silent No More

  Silent No More A Woman’s Spiritual Journey Towards Wholeness and Healing by Christine Orenic-Ward  I had the opportunity to meet and spent some time with Christine at the Decatur, Ga. Book Festival in September 2012.  She is a very outgoing and gentle woman.  She and her daughter manned a booth in 90+ degree heat […]