Silent No More

Silent No More by Christine Orenic-Ward


Silent No More

A Woman’s Spiritual Journey Towards Wholeness and Healing
by Christine Orenic-Ward

 I had the opportunity to meet and spent some time with Christine at the Decatur, Ga. Book Festival in September 2012.  She is a very outgoing and gentle woman.  She and her daughter manned a booth in 90+ degree heat to let people know about her book and her journey.

 Her book is about survival and taking control of your life in spite of what has occurred in the past.  This book is about making known, what I have heard is a pervasive practice across the world.  It is about protecting those around you from the same fate.

At a young age, Christine discovered she suffered from bi-polar disorder.  She faced homelessness; days spent in a mental hospital, dysfunctional relationships, and ultimately, in her helplessness, attempted suicide. 

She thought by moving away from her home town with her new husband she would have a chance to start her life anew.  What she did not realize was that her husband was an abuser.   She felt trapped in familiar, debilitating world of silence.  Even worse, his violent mistreatment brought to the surface repressed memories of abuse and trauma.

What happened to her as a child, that left her so terrified of men and so full of shame and guilt? What has she been blocking all these years? As Christine fights to figure out the mystery of her past and the secret that she has kept even from herself, her own family seems determined to keep her in the dark.   Even today some of her family are upset and angry with the fact that she decided to be “Silent No More.”

When Christine begins to suspect that her husband is turning his attention to their daughter, she knows that something has to change.

Christine has written an inspiring story of one woman’s struggle to make sense of her past and create a better future for herself and her daughter.  This book will give you knowledge and insight into a generational curse of abuse and give you the hope that it can be broken.

From 5.0 out of 5 stars December 11, 2012 By Mary Ann Morell

The author’s story showed evidence of the power that each of us carry within us. God’s intercession makes all the difference in our lives. Having faith and believing that God is beside us and wants to assist us in all ways is half the battle. Chris’s story helps others to realize that transformation of ones spirit and soul can take place when forgiveness is released. Her story gives hope and inspiration to others who have lived the hell in their lives. I also feel that sharing her story was a cleansing of sorts. She bared her soul and replaced her doubts and feeling of inadequacy with strength and courage. Miracles Happen!

Christine will be joining me on the “Commanding Your LIfe” radio show as soon as we can arrange it.  Keep watch for the link.  In the meantime get Christine Orenic-Ward’s book “Silent No More.”


As you have believed, let it be done to you. Matthew 9:29
And It is So!

In Gratitude,
Beverly Fells Jones
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