Prude To Siren

From Prude to Siren

Three Stages to Fantastic Sex and a Rewarding Relationship


In the movie The Story of Us, Rob Reiner describes love as lust in disguise. He stated that when the lust goes away so does love. Why can’t we experience love and lust at the same time? Why can’t the lust last? How many times have you asked yourself “what happened?” What happened to the enthusiasm and the hours of conversation? What happened that caused you not to want to spend every waking moment together?

Can you keep lust alive through the years of household chores, arguments and the myriad of mundane daily activities? The answer is yes. You can get that love (lust) back into your life. This book gives you the steps to bring joy into your relationship.

“This book is written for the lay person because it is written in every day, down to earth language that is easy to understand. I love it especially, the section on Marking Your Territory. My husband and I have been doing this and it is wonderful.” –Sandy J.

Prude to Siren
is not just a women’s book. Men need to read it in order to find out how to turn their partner into someone who wants to make love often. They will learn how to help turn a prude into a siren by making her feel like the sexiest woman on earth. Women will also learn how to turn their man into an “Amoroso.”

Actions speak volumes above words. This book teaches you how to turn your partner on using only words in the “Verbal Foreplay” section.

You will learn how to treat your partner so that they will respond in a loving and kind way. You will learn the “Seven Basic Relationship Principles” and the “Ten Rules for Transformation”. You will also learn to love yourself, know who you are and what you want.

Want to bring the lust back into your relationship, follow “The Seven Basic Relationship Principles” and watch what happens.

“This book helped to change our relationship from dull to exciting. We stopped taking each other for granted and rediscovered each other.” – D. W.

Get your relationship on the road to fantastic by reading From Prude to Siren.