The Guided Directed Renewal Circle

Have you ever wanted to put “The Law of Attraction” on Speed dial or have it feel like the law was on steroids because your manifestations showed up so quickly? When you discover, learn and use “The Prime Directive™” you will think that you have a direct connection to “The Secret” of the ages.   Have you read or watched “The Secret” and wondered how the “Law of Attraction” works and what steps you needed to take?  Look no further because the steps to manifesting what you desire are given during “The Circle.”

In our 1.5-2 hour class, you will learn the “The The Prime Directive™” to shift from a mindset of lack and fear to one of abundance and confidence.   You will become empowered to change, remove or improve your health, relationships  (family or business), money consciousness, work issues and/or limiting beliefs.    As you learn this unique process your confidence and faith in your abilities will grow.  

In this class, you will create your own “Directive” and experience the meditation of change.  It is an amazing technique that has proven itself, over and over and over again causing many to be grateful for the opportunity to incorporate this into their lives.  Join us online or in person by clicking on the  Commanding Your Life Meetup or look at the Meetup Event Schedule on the right of this page and then look for the appropriate date for the  Circle of your choice.

The Circle is designed to join like-minded individuals, who are interested 

  • in creating a life filled with abundance
  • peace
  • reduced stress
  • in gaining personal satisfaction
  • re-inforcing changed habits
  • removing limiting belief systems
  • reducing weight
  • stopping smoking
  • and who are interested in giving and receiving support while on their journey.

This is an invitation to enter into powerful portions of your mind that contain extraordinary abilities.

In Circles, you learn to:

·Stop limitation and attract success

· Reverse your negative beliefs and processes

·Get tools to turn crisis and challenge into a true opportunity

  • with family
  • friends
  • within business

·Discover why there is, in reality, no such thing as competition

·Create the kind of business that you currently only dream of

Within the circle, you are able to continue relationships with those you have met while attending our seminars thus helping others and yourself to continue to be successful.

The “Prime Directive” knowledge helps Beverly to empower you to change your mental programming by neutralizing the negative voice and then reprogramming your mind towards success. This change opens you to the potential of creating a new reality and within a short amount of time, you begin to live life from a completely new perspective, naturally and easily.

What will it feel like to begin to experience more abundance, increased performance, magnificent relationships and live with a lot less stress?

“Honestly, I don’t know how but it is happening and I am grateful and fulfilled! Since Tuesday night things are really taking a turn in my marriage. That’s something I’d pretty much given up hope on. I am experiencing change that I’ve hoped and prayed for since my husband returned from Iraq. I’m telling you, that alone is the perfect one-year anniversary gift directly from the Universe. Heartfelt thanks from me to all of you, LT”

I asked lots and lots of questions and Beverly gave me some great suggestions for commands, as well as general things that I can do. Thanks so much. Have already tried some of the suggestions and they are helping!!! Yeah!!! Will definitely be back. Beverly, I appreciate all your help. Judy from the Commanding Your Life Meetup

“The Prime Directive™” process stops you from allowing your negative thinking to dominate your life.  It sends an affirmation for your good and attracts what you desire to you – sometimes almost instantly!

Stay up to date on our Tele-circles and our Live Circle Meet-ups; click here to join or check our events page.

“According to your faith let it be done to you” Matthew 9:29

And It is so!

In Gratitude,
Beverly Fells Jones
The Silver Fox of Consciousness

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