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When Beverly Jones and I met, I knew immediately that she was going to change my life forever. Her presence is calming, her smile is lifting, and her gift is “The One Command”. After getting to know each other, she asked me what it is that I wished to change, remove, or improve in my life. I answered right away – “my anxiety about my health.” I was scheduled to undergo extensive testing to follow up on my history with cancer. Just the thought of needles and scans and cold examining tables made me sick. This anxiety has been something I have dealt with for years, and it often left me feeling helpless and scared. With her meditation and relaxation techniques, Beverly Jones literally saved my life. After just two short weeks of practicing the powerful 6-step process, I walked into the hospital free from anxiety and fear, and felt relaxed, repeating to myself “I am healthy.” I even slept through the octreotide scan that I had previously feared the most! I highly recommend Beverly to anyone who wishes to improve any aspect of their life – please, do yourself a favor and reach out to this amazingly gifted woman! I feel so blessed to have met Beverly, and forever grateful for her services. To Beverly Jones – thank you, thank you, thank you!
– Blair Rackham, Mother, Wife, Business Woman – Dallas, Texas
Speaking Engagement
Hi Beverly –

Chuck Mummert said he really enjoyed your speaking style the other night. Trust me he has seen a lot of speakers during his career in sales and now in local politics. He told me that you captured the urgency with your words – and being the last speaker – you overcame obstacles for audience attention. . .

We’ll talk more later I’m sure.
Have a great weekend.
Dave (Owner Baseline Medical, Allentown, Pa.)

“Honestly, I don’t know how but it is happening and I am grateful and fulfilled! Since, Tuesday night things are really taking a turn in my marriage. That’s something I’d pretty much given up hope on. I am experiencing change that I’ve hoped and prayed for since my husband returned from Iraq. I’m telling you, that alone is the perfect one year anniversary gift directly from the Universe. Heartfelt thanks from me to all of you, LT – Little Elm, Texas”
Revelation while reading
Christianity, The Law of Attraction and The One Command
A text I received on 8/23/2012
Just a note to let you know I’m on Chapter 10! There are many things you’ve explained that I have either thought about or happened in my life. Some I struggled with and some not understanding. I still need to put many of the Law of Christianity and The One Command Principles into action but your words in the book have opened up my abilities to see things in a better perspective. Thanks.”
Entrepeuneur, Pa.

I subsequently contacted Elaine and she shared the fact that she would talk to friends about what she experienced and they discounted it by saying it was co-incidence. However these things would happen all the time. Not coincidence. She asked and was answered.

I wanted to tell you when we started the Commanding Your Life Coaching, I was totally skeptical. How wrong I was! You have truly assisted me in sharpening my focus and grounding me with my meditation tape. My concentration is much more directed and negative thoughts are reversed into positive ones. Thank you so much Beverly. I am better because of your coaching!

Warm regards,
Robin Roberson, Publisher