How to Recognize When You Manifest Years Later

I believe that what we desire, no matter how long ago we mentioned it, will come into our life, especially when we reinforce that desire. It shows up. I have asked for things and forgotten about them and then they show up. Sometimes it may be weeks, other times years later. Such a desire is […]

Finding Lost Items

Today is a fantastic day and it is another day where knowing and learning how to ask for what you want in the right way, is demonstrated in a magnificent way. I have been in correspondence with my financial advisor about some annuities. He sent me information on two and neglected to give me the […]

How To Manifest A New Vehicle

HOW TO MANIFEST A NEW VEHICLE Most of you have the desire to manifest big things in your life. You may want a good job, a fantastic family life, more money, a home or vehicle. In the previous manifestation blogs I have given examples of smaller, attainable things. The reason for the smaller items was […]

3 Ways to Recognize Inspired Actions When Manifesting What You Desire

You are a magnificent manifesting machine. However most people have never been taught how to recognize the little nudges to do certain activities that will allow you to receive the answer to your request. I call these nudges inspired actions. The category of my blogs dealing with manifesting is designed to help you recognize when […]

Are You the Catalyst for Someone’s Request?

Are You the Catalyst for Someone’s Request? When you are asking for something or someone to come into your life a number of things need to happen.  We know that when we ask it is already completed in the subjective or heavenly realm.  The key is that it needs to manifest into our physical world.  […]

The Computer Chip – Manifested

I recently wrote a blog about Mark 4:26-28 because I recognized that planting seeds through asking and visualization sets in motion the process to receive.  However, we never know how, what we ask for is going to show up. Monday, I was out running errands and doing the things you do on a normal day.  […]