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Tarot – Window into the Subconscious Mind

Presented in 7 weekly Sessions

The Next Adventure of Your Life!

The Tarot has been grossly misunderstood over the ages. In fact, I listened and accepted as fact that The Tarot Deck of Cards was not something that I should be using. Until . . . I began to read more and more about the esoteric side of life and wondered “what is Tarot.” As I began to investigate the origins of the Tarot, I found that it was not originally designed as a device for fortune-telling. It was actually. . . well, you will learn more when you attend:

“Tarot – Window into the Subconscious Mind”

You see, Tarot is designed to tell a story. Through these cards, a story of possibilities unfolds. It does not foretell the future. It gives only possibilities. Therefore, in this class, you will study the symbolism of the cards as you learn the Tarot card meanings. You will learn to interpret and tell the story before you. You can choose to act upon the story or look at it as pure entertainment.

Tarot blends the symbols, patterns, and correlation of Astrology with aspects of Hebrew, Christian and Eastern Religions. The Tarot deck incorporates symbols long lost to the ages. In this class, you will learn the intricate processes that have been passed down through time, to us today. You have the privilege of learning what has been misunderstood due to a lack of understanding and knowledge. You will gain insight into Tarot interpretation that others have missed.

Learn Tarot

Have you been curious as to what story could be told for you? Have you ever asked a friend to give you advice based on their knowledge? Through the Tarot Deck, you can do the same via the energy that your subconscious mind generates and shows itself through the Tarot. Each card is filled with symbolism, delicately passed down through the millenniums in spite of great perils. Learn Tarot card meanings (symbols), just as you have learned the road signs along a highway that lead you to a destination because the Tarot presents you with signs along your highway of life.

Life lessons, life untouched and life to be lived, unfold within the Tarot.

Join us for fun, and enlightenment. Learn about this mysterious deck of cards called Tarot and you will be reading Tarot cards easily. It is your window into the subconscious mind.

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Sessions are conducted once a week in the evening from 7 – 10 P.M. for 7 weeks.

It is recommended that you attend all eight sessions. Session one is a prerequisite for all the other classes, however, you are welcome to take any of the individual sessions you find of interest. Each session is individually priced.

The per-session investment equates to $350. Commit to all 7 classes two weeks before class starts and your monetary investment is $300 It is like receiving 1 free session. You will also receive a recorded meditation that is designed to assist you in increasing your spiritual gift of intuition. I have set the value for this meditation at $40.

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Syllabus for “Tarot – Window into the Subconscious Mind”

1. The recommended and the Tarot Deck used in class is The Original Rider Waite Tarot. If you do not
have a set of cards you can purchase them Here

2. Workbooks will be handed out for each class. If the sessions are being taught via Webinar, the handout will be emailed the night before class starts. Please print it out.

3.  After taking all 7 sessions, you will have:

  1. Historical knowledge of the foundation of Tarot
  2. Historical knowledge of the association of Tarot, Kabbalistic Teachings and Religion
  3. An intuitive connection with your personal Tarot deck of cards
  4. A thorough understanding of the Major and Minor Arcana symbolism
  5. A thorough understanding of The Tree of Life in relation to Tarot
  6. Active meditations for increasing intuitive ability
  7. The ability to understand and interpret the symbolism in the Tarot cards for yourself and others.
  8. A complete set of notes for learning and review
  9. A poster of the Major Arcana
  10. A poster of the Tree of Life
  11. The opportunity to color your own cards (additional cost)
  12. MP3’s of introductory meditations used in class (4+)
  13. A Tarot Cheat Sheet

Part I – Introduction to The Tarot ($75)
One Session

  • Part I Session 1
    1. Introductions, introductory meditation, and logistics
    2. Introduction to Tarot Symbolism
      • Tarot Card History
      • Myths about Tarot
      • Kabbalah Connection
      • Tarot and Religion
      • Subconscious Connection
    3. The Major Arcana
      • Definition
      • Three Major Divisions
    4. The Minor Arcana
      • Definition
      • Association to Today’s Playing Cards
      • Two Major Divisions
    5. The Fool
      • Zero Card (0)
      • Life Power Manifesting
    6. Relaxation Exercise

tree of life 2

Part II – Kabbalah- The Universal Tree of Life ($75)
One Session 3 hours

  • Part II Session 1
    1. Meditation
    2. Review
    3. Kabbalistic viewpoint
    4. Understanding the energy of the Tree of Life
    5. Understanding the Thirty-two paths inter-connected associating the Major Arcana
    6. Ten Sephirot of the Tree of Life and correspondence/synergy with the Minor Arcana
    7. Homework Assignment
    8. Closing Exercise

Part III – Major Arcana ($150)
Portals to the Inner Landscape
Three Sessions – 3 hours each

  • Part III Session 1
    1. Review Q&A
    2. First Division – Seven Powers of Consciousness
      • I Magician – Divine Reflection
      • II High Priestess – Eternal Reservoir
      • III Empress – Beauty Unfolding
      • IV Emperor – The Fire of Mind
      • V Hierophant – The Voice Behind the Veil
      • VI Lovers – Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
      • VII Chariot – The Integrated Personality
    3. Homework Assignment
    4. Closing Exercise
  • Part III Session 2
    1. Review Q&A
    2. Second Division – The Seven Universal Laws
      • VIII Strength – Uniqueness Activated
      • IX Hermit – Light at the Summit
      • X Wheel of Fortune – Involution, and Evolution
      • XI Justice – What Ye Sow
      • XII Hanged Man – The Point of View Shifts
      • XIII Death – Growth and Transition
      • XIV Temperance – Testing the Waters
    3. Homework Assignment
    4. Closing Exercise
  • Part III Session 3
    1. Review Q&A
    2. Third Division – The Seven Levels of Spiritual Unfoldment
      • XV – Devil – Surface of Things
      • XVI – Tower – Upheaval
      • XVII – Star – The Inspired Life
      • XVIII – Moon – Into the Unknown
      • XIX – Sun – Luminosity of the Heart
      • XX – Judgement – The Trumpet Call
      • XXI – World – The Cosmic Perspective
    3. Homework Assignment
    4. Closing Exercise

Part IV – Minor Arcana ($100)
Consciousness from the Garden to the Battleground
2 Sessions – 3 hours each

  • Part IV Session 1
    1. Review Q&A
    2. Symbols
      • Main Principles of Life Reflected in the Minor Arcana
      • Associated Astrological Signs
      • Association with Fire, Water, Earth, Air Signs.
      • Association of The Planets
    3. Overall Structure and meanings of the Minor Cards
    4. Best of Fortune, Friendship, and Blessings
      • Fire – Wands
      • Water – Cups
    5. Reading the Cards – Tarot Spread
      • Tree Tarot Cards Spread
      • Yes or No Tarot Cards Spread
      • One Card Tarot Spread
    6. Homework Assignment
    7. Closing Exercise
  • Part IV Session 2
    1. Review Q&A
    2. Hostility, Dangerous Conditions, and Relationships
      • Air – Swords
      • Earth – Pentacles
    3. Reading the Cards – Tarot Spread
      • Celtic Cross Awareness Tarot Spread
      • Tree of Life Tarot Spread
    4. Final Examination
    5. Certificate of Completion
    6. Closing Exercise

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