3 Ways to Recognize Inspired Actions When Manifesting What You Desire

You are a magnificent manifesting machine. However most people have never been taught how to recognize the little nudges to do certain activities that will allow you to receive the answer to your request. I call these nudges inspired actions. The category of my blogs dealing with manifesting is designed to help you recognize when these nudges arrive through sharing some of my experiences. Both when I listen and when I don’t.

Developing your intuition is a matter of taking note of when you get these hunches, desires or pieces of information that cause you feel that you need to act. Some people say they have “a gut feeling” and so they made a certain decision and it was correct. Others have told me that they have a feeling of just knowing. Still others have a vivid dream that was so real they knew that it was the answer they required. What is it like for you?

I mentally hear the thought on the light side of my head when I am being led by Higher Intelligence. If I do not act upon it right away, I normally will hear the thought 2 additional times for a total of 3 “knocks” or “opportunities. Opportunity can knock more than once.

How can you recognize inspired actions when they are presented to you?

  1. Review times when you followed your thoughts. An example is you had the desire to call or text a friend or family member and they in turn tell you they had been wanting to talk with you. Note who, what, when and how this desire manifested itself within you. This will serve as a point of reference for the next time you have this feeling and act. The more you do this, the easier it will be to recognize the time for inspired action.
  2. When you have lost something what did you do to find the object? Did you run around frantically trying to figure out when you last had it or did you retrace your steps or try to force yourself to remember? The next time you forget something or misplace an item simply stop, relax, take three slow and deep breaths. Say silently to yourself “It is not for me to know how I have (the item you misplaced or to remember something). It will be shown to me within a few minutes. Thank you. It is done.” In a short amount of time your subconscious will go to work to retrieve the information and present it a clue or the answer to your conscious mind.
  3. Any time you get an answer to a question or an item shows up in your life that you had expressed a desire to have, think about the first time you indicated that you wanted it to come into your life. Also the same thing holds true when something shows up that you did not want because the process works both ways. That which you think about the most is reflected in your surroundings. Therefore, note who, what, when and how this desire manifested. How did you feel when you first expressed your request. The experience will serve as a point of reference for the next time you want to manifest something into your life.


The mind functions on two levels: The conscious (self-aware) and subconscious (creative). Your subconscious connects with your super-computer (mind) which contains all the mental images and emotional states which you have experienced during your life. It contains volumes and volumes of information and has creative power. The conscious mind is a very limited and restricted part of your personality. Your subconscious supplies your conscious mind with the information it needs when asked or required.


Last week I was helping a friend move and she had purchased a pneumatic jack to help raise the trailer when required. After the movers had loaded the trailer we discovered the was developing a flat tire. We took it back to the U-Haul store to have it checked. We were going to have to leave the trailer so we were looking for the handle for the jack to raise the trailer off the hitch. We couldn’t find it. The jack and handle had been together. The owner got a handle from his shop, lifted the trailer and we left for lunch. I began to think about where the handle could have gone. I started down the trail of backtracking and using logic until I stopped took several deep breaths and mentally asked for help to find the handle.

While at lunch and a little while later I got the idea of checking the back of the trailer and dismissed it. Once we got back to the rental location the thought entered again. This time I took action, got the key for the lock and had my friend unlock the trailer. She spotted it immediately in a box. Three times I was told to check the back of the trailer. I kept thinking it couldn’t be back there however it was.

During our drive back to the Dallas area, we were in Florida, we discussed juicing and I recommended a specific Ninja blending system. I had looked for it for a another friend and had searched about 4 weeks at several WalMart’s before I found a store that had only one. This specific packaging configuration is only available at WalMart.

We needed to get gas and I saw a WalMart and two other stations. I got the idea to go to WalMart and then I decided to go to the other station. My path was blocked and I had to pass the station and go up the road to turn around. An overwhelming urge to go to the WalMart’s Murphy gas station came over me. As I was turning into the lot I said, “We are going into Walmart. I don’t know for what but I have to go in.” As we were entering I said the Ninja Blender we need is here. It was. They had at least 5 of them.

These are a couple of examples of learning to recognize the feelings/signs for action. Start building your points of reference today. I can help build those points of reference quickly and easily when you attend the Jose Silva UltraMind ESP training. Click http://SilverFox.SilvaCourses.com to learn more.


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“As you have believed, let it be done for you.” Matthew 9:29

And It is so!

In Gratitude,
Beverly Fells Jones,
The Silver Fox of Consciousness,

The Colony, Texas

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