Marie Georgopulos

I have a treat for you. I did a interview with Marie Georgopulos in December. Actually we did it twice. The first time I had internet access issues and she was kind enought to do “Take Two.” Marie and I met several years ago when I was hosting a One Command Group in the Dallas […]

Worth The Climb

Worth The Climb: A Black American Woman’s Pursuit of Corporate Success It is my great honor to write a review for the book written by Audrey Snyder I have known Audrey for most of my adult life. She is a forward thinking individual with the tenacity to succeed. It has been my pleasure to watch […]

The Muscadine Vine

  The Muscadine Vine   by Jo Ann Johnson   It has been a long time since I sat down to read a fiction novel and I am glad I chose “The Muscadine Vine.”   It is an intriguing story, set in the deep south during the mid-20th century, about Joan “Fitzgerald”, the illegitimate mulatto child […]

The Shack

I am not going to write a review when their are over 4000 review of this book online.  I truly enjoyed this book so much that I have read it twice and I have underlined passages.  This book made me think about God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit in a different and more understanding way.  […]