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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and its effects have been a topic of major discussion especially in regard to Armed Forces people coming home from an area of combat. I have a good friend who was in Viet Nam who tells me that it took many years for him to be able to hear a car backfire without ducking. He also shared with me the time he bent over to pick up a book and a bullet went right through where his head would have been. He was blessed.

When people think of PTSD they think about war or being in a war zone yet PTSD can occur after actual or threatened death, as in combat exposure or robbery, a serious accident, abuse (physical and mental), or sexual assault. According to the Mayo Clinic “people of all ages can have PTSD” even very young children. This is an issue that may not be visible yet it exists in many.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with an amazing woman named Linda Diane Wattley. She tells that God has awakened her to an extremely important message to share with the world. It is that we must become more conscious of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in its different forms therefore Ms. Wattley felt compelled to write the book “SOLDIER WITH A BACKPACK – Living and Dying Simultaneously.”

Ms. Wattley was mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically raped as a child and in this book she narrates how she survived by learning to exist in an inner world of divine peace. She shares from experience the impact stress and trauma has on emotions, self-worth, and reasons to live. PTSD can effect not only the person suffering but their family and friends. This book is written to give hope and understanding to those affected by revealing hidden truths.

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