The Missing Ingredient That Stops You From Achieving Your Dream

The Missing Ingredient That Stops You From Achieving Your Dream

I have been to several meetings and seminars where we were asked to set our goals for the next 3 to 6 months or for the year. We were to write down the following:

  1. The main goal we wanted to accomplish.
  2. By what date do we want it accomplished?
  3. What are the necessary steps to accomplishing your goal?

I think you and thousands of others have seen this before and then moaned. Why because we have done this before and sometimes it worked and other times it didn’t. Some were pie in the sky goals that we never thought would happen. We wrote them down because the speaker said go for the sun and moon and stars. Aim for the farthest goal and you will reach something in between. Well. To me that is a defeatist thought. What if you set a goal with the expectation of a few stops along the way knowing you were going to make it? Yeah! That’s more like it.

All the questions above were designed to put together a plan that the conscious mind could logically put into place. I keep thinking that these questions are a good start for the ordinary person. What if you, the free thinker were in this room? What if you had a phenomenal idea but no means to execute. What if your goal really was so large you had no idea what to do and you only had a first step which was the dream? Now what?

The speaker’s exercise was wonderful in the fact that it was making everyone think about what they wanted. Those three questions can help get people to become detailed in what their dream looks like when accomplished. Now let’s say the person has no education, no money. What would take them to the next level? What is the missing ingredient that allows broke or rich, educated or uneducated entrepreneurs to create magnificent businesses or someone to start a movement for change or just accomplish a college degree against the odds.

What is missing is the steps that get the subconscious mind as part of the team. Adding that one dimension is what can take the goal to reality. Why? Because your deep seated beliefs are what drive you. Let’s say you want a promotion. If you truly believe you have what it takes to get the promotion, your subconscious mind will lead you to do the things that will make that happen. If you doubt that you have the capability your subconscious will cause you to hold back or do things that show you don’t deserve the promotion.

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“As you have believed, let it be done for you.” Matthew 9:29

And It is so!

In Gratitude,
Beverly Fells Jones,
The Silver Fox of Consciousness,

The Colony, Texas


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