Manifesting a Great Bottle of Wine


This past week I took a much needed vacation visiting friends and relatives. It was a driving vacation that allowed my daughter and I to make lots of side stops along the roadways we traveled.

Part of the path we took was designed for me to stop at the Davis Valley Winery off exit 54 on I-81 in Virginia. I had visited their establishment on another driving trip over a year ago. They give you a great bottle of wine. If you ever get the opportunity to go, be prepared for a steep drive to the top of the hill where they create and bottle their wines.

Niema and I started out from Pennsylvania early in the morning and was due to arrive at exit 54 by 4:15-4:30 pm. However, this day was filled with rain and accidents thus slowing our travels. I got extremely tired and had my daughter take over driving for awhile and I fell asleep. When I awoke she was driving much slower than usual and I looked at the clock and it was well past 4 and we had many miles to go before we reached the winery. I didn’t know if they closed at 5 or 6 pm and I didn’t have a telephone number for them.

With the prospect of not getting there in time and they can’t ship to Texas, I issued the command that they would be open or if they normally closed at 5 that we would arrive at the right time. The essence of the command was “I don’t know how I have my favorite wine from Davis Valley Winery today, I only know that I do now and I am grateful and fulfilled.” I actively visualized buying the wine. I also visualized if the store was closing what I would say to the clerk.

As we reached the winery I saw the sign that said they closed at 5 and it was now 5:06 pm. I also saw a car coming down the hill. My daughter asked what we should do and I told her to go to the winery. The car stopped and we stopped at the car. The lady said they were closed and I then stated what I had practiced. I told her we were from Texas and she can’t ship wine to Texas. She asked if I had been there before and I told her yes. She said go on up and she would meet me at the store.

Of course, I said thank you to her many times but I also said thank you to the “Creator of All That Is” for making this possible. I was able to purchase several great bottles of my favorite variety, Davis Valley Red.

Asking for what you want and visualizing the outcome is very important. As you build your faith in the possibilities of your life don’t hesitate to ask for the smaller things while you manifest the larger ones.

According to your faith let it be done to you. Matthew 9:29

Beverly F. Jones
The Silver Fox of Consciousness

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