This should be titled “Not Following Your Intuition.” Friday night, my friend, Robin and I were going into Dallas to listen to a jazz singer by the name of Andrea Dawson. We agreed to meet there about 7 pm. As the day went on I started to feel tired. Around 5:30 pm I thought about emailing her that I wasn’t up to going. I was prompted to cancel even after I had showered and dressed. I didn’t do it either time because I wasn’t going to disappoint her as a few others had done. Originally there were to be a group of us going.

I got dressed and went to the Stoneleigh Hotel and waited and waited for Robin to come. I sent her a text and received no message. I finally left after the second set. BTW Ms. Dawson has a really wonderful voice.

I checked my emails in the morning and found she had sent me a message at 5:25 pm saying that she wasn’t going to come because a business issue had arisen that she had to handle. I don’t do email on my phone so it was my fault I didn’t get her email message in time. However I did get her message via spirit.  My intuition told me to contact her and stay home. I just didn’t pay attention like I should.

Many times we receive a message in a way that is not obvious. I felt I didn’t want to go and the message was prompting me to go to my email and send a message. Had I gone online as I was prompted, several times, I would have known she wasn’t going and could have saved myself a 20 mile trip into Dallas.

I know that I must pay more attention to what comes into my mind and act on them. Including feelings that deal with an activity. Many times we are looking for “things” to come into our lives when in reality our spirit also helps us with things for living and doing. By remembering how I was feeling and thinking at the time, I am able to make a mental note for future reference. Noting all of these incidences are referred to as recording “points of reference.” Do the same in your life. Decisions will become easier to make and more accurate. They will be for your highest and best good.

Thank you for visiting with us today.

“Just as you have believed, let it be done to you” Matthew 9:29

And It is so!

In Gratitude,
Beverly Fells Jones
The Silver Fox of Consciousness

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