“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Anonymous Gratitude is 20/20 vision for all phases of our life. The past seen through the lens of God’s grace, and seen through the truth that no matter what happened in the past we are still standing; gratitude begins […]

3 Ways to Recognize Inspired Actions When Manifesting What You Desire

You are a magnificent manifesting machine. However most people have never been taught how to recognize the little nudges to do certain activities that will allow you to receive the answer to your request. I call these nudges inspired actions. The category of my blogs dealing with manifesting is designed to help you recognize when […]

Overcoming Obstacles and Limitations

The sky is not the limit because there are footprints on the moon. The only limits that exist are those in your own mind. I had an epiphany while reflecting on my own life, and realized there are common denominators between all successful people, past and present. Faith, self-confidence, a purposeful mission, perseverance, and positive […]

Commentary: 7 Ways to Avoid Stress-Related Weight Gain

I have been reading a lot about stress and the ways to avoid it.   This article in the Huffington Post dated 8/28/14, talks about the idea of stress causing weight gain.    Stress puts undo strain on our bodies.  The increase in cortisol helps with the weight gain issue. Linda Melone of Next Avenue points out […]

6 Tips That Prove Meditation Is Way Easier Than You Think

COMMENTARY: 6 Tips That Prove Meditation Is Way Easier Than You Think Meditation is a practice that many have spoken about as being too hard or it takes too much time. The article in the Huffington Post dated 8/21/14 is very good at giving six good tips about meditation. I refer to the practice as […]

Seven Ways to Change Your Prospective

Seven Ways to Change Your Prospective We all are given ideas that we believe will be the next great discovery or the solution to a perplexing problem that will change many lives. The Creator of All That Is gives us desires.  I am not talking about “desires of the flesh.”  I am talking about desires […]