Seven Ways to Change Your Prospective

7 ways to change your prospective

Seven Ways to Change Your Prospective

We all are given ideas that we believe will be the next great discovery or the solution to a perplexing problem that will change many lives. The Creator of All That Is gives us desires.  I am not talking about “desires of the flesh.”  I am talking about desires that will help ourselves, our families, our friends or our community.

I have talked about “Inspired Action” before.  This is when you ask for something and you are driven to do, see or be what you need to in order to complete your thought.  So what motivates you to actively pursue your desire?

When looking to accomplish something in a short amount of time you need to have a positive attitude and a plan.  It will make things easier, and even enjoyable.

I have a few suggestions that you can use even if you’re just sitting on your favorite couch. An idea does take time to form and your subconscious mind is always at work while you are idle.  It continues to help you formulate your thoughts in order to make your idea come true.

Having a bit of positive thinking can help you realize things that you never thought possible. Thinking big is indeed the American Way and that is what made our country prosperous.

1. Take passionate inspired action towards living your life by design.  Without it, passion is void.

2. Commit to yourself as well as those you love to create a life you can love. Instead of reacting, you are to commit to creating from your heart and soul; out of love rather than fear.

3. Recognize and embrace the thought that each moment is perfect regardless of its outcome. Every time you think of something that may appear too extreme, give it a shot and see if it will work. You will be surprised to see there are other ways to get the task done in the allotted time. If you are not pleased with the outcome, decide to use that moment to learn from the experience and make the appropriate shift.

4. Dwell completely in a place of gratitude. Learn to utilize what you have in your hands and make use of it in the most constructive way. Slipping into neediness will become less of a habit when you repeatedly shift towards gratitude, away from poverty consciousness.

5. Use a Passion Formula of Recognize-Re-evaluate-Restore in place of the Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda whirlwind. The former is predicated by increased knowledge and abundance while the latter focuses on scarcity and lack. As you face people or tasks that may seem harder than scaling the summit of the Himalayas, allow yourself to realize that the task is just as important as giving out orders to your subordinates.

6. Keep humor at the forefront of thought, laughing at and with yourself when possible. You may find yourself quite entertaining when you loosen up! I have yet to see a comedian go hungry even though his jokes are as ‘old as dirt’.  Life has too much to offer to allow you to mope around in self pity.  Humor is very attractive and life-giving.

7. Believe that you are the architect of your destiny. No one can take your passionate future from you except you! Create your life authentically.  As long as there’s still breath in your body, there is no end to how much you can accomplish in a lifetime. The concept of thinking big is all about enjoying your work, which would lead to celebrate a discovery that is born within your hands.  Watch everything flow into place with perfect, passionate precision.

No matter what, maintain your positive perspective.  It will help you bring your idea to completion.

As you have believed, let it be done to you. Matthew 9:29

And It is So!

In Gratitude,
Beverly Fells Jones
The Silver Fox of Consciousness

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