Overcoming Obstacles and Limitations

Crystal Victoria

Crystal Victoria

The sky is not the limit because there are footprints on the moon. The only limits that exist are those in your own mind. I had an epiphany while reflecting on my own life, and realized there are common denominators between all successful people, past and present. Faith, self-confidence, a purposeful mission, perseverance, and positive thinking were the attributes embodying each individual. With these characteristics, anyone can become successful regardless of age, race, gender, background, or level of education.

After observing these qualities in successful individuals, I stopped being a victim of my circumstances, quit making excuses for my shortcomings, and TOOK ACTION! For me, developing faith became a matter of practicing an attitude of gratitude, which lead to consistent positive thinking. Armed with these essential basic tools, I began my journey towards self-mastery and control of my life.

Ever notice how it seems like as soon as you start trying to do better and get your life on track, everything you could possibly imagine goes wrong? It is not all in our heads. That is exactly what is happening. For me, those setbacks and adversities helped me to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses. I kept going and daily I am reminded that who I will become on this journey is far more important than the destination. A quote says, “A diamond is piece of coal that handled pressure extremely well.”

It is my belief that we are all “diamonds in a rock”, and once we find our purpose and back it with unwavering faith, success is inevitable. Like a caterpillar undergoing metamorphosis to the butterfly, we too, evolve through adversity and learn to fly. Everything that comes along and knocks us down, and attempts to stop us from moving forward is only life making us strong enough to handle what will take place next. It has to happen for us to move forward.

It does not get easier, but we become much stronger. The good part about this strength is it helps us make wiser decisions when every temptation to do something else or quit comes our way. When you have worked this hard to take control of your life, giving up is not an option.

Some may ask exactly how to achieve this step-by-step, and that is a great question! This year I developed a short simple three step strategy for improving our lives. The first step is changing the way we think, the second step is controlling our emotions, and the third step is finding something we love to do. To find something we love to do we should ask ourselves a simple question. What would we do all day every day even if we NEVER got paid for it? In my new book, The Vicious Cycle, I break down each of these steps into questions and practical solutions for application into daily life.

It is time for humanity to awaken by seeking the kingdom of God within ourselves, overcome the limitations of the mind, and open our hearts to love. When this happens, the world will know peace. The sky is not the limit because there are footprints on the moon, and I know that we can all shoot for the stars.

Crystal Victoria
Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker
http:// teeibiz.com

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