6 Tips That Prove Meditation Is Way Easier Than You Think



COMMENTARY: 6 Tips That Prove Meditation Is Way Easier Than You Think

Meditation is a practice that many have spoken about as being too hard or it takes too much time. The article in the Huffington Post dated 8/21/14 is very good at giving six good tips about meditation. I refer to the practice as Meditative Prayer because many times you are thinking about your greatest desires.

Anna Maltby discusses the fact that a person who meditates does not have to say vowel sounds during the meditation. Many of us have seen this in movies or online. Let me say that it is a method that has been used for thousands of years and has proven itself to be beneficial however you don’t have to practice this method. The main idea, as she emphasizes, is that you concentrate on the “what’s happening now” and refers to this as Mindfulness. During this time you are not to make judgements or decisions. Keep in mind that it is ok if you find an answer to a dilemma during your time of meditation. In fact meditation is a good way to get answers to questions.

Anna also tells us this can be done anywhere, anytime. In the form that she is discussing this is true however be forewarned that this is not done when in the middle of driving, using heavy machinery or anywhere you must be vigilant. Now, you can be very mindful of the activity you are performing. Paying attention to each step even though you have done it a thousand times. This puts you in the land of awe as you realize the intricate steps you have been performing almost in a trance. Ms. Maltby gives a great example of doing this while eating. Pay attention to the taste, smell, texture and pleasure of eating. Turn off the television or music and be mindful. Some say this can also be used as a method of weight control.

All in all this is a great article that lets you know that Meditation is Easy. Click here to find the complete article by Anna Maltby from Self .

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