Commentary: 7 Ways to Avoid Stress-Related Weight Gain
I have been reading a lot about stress and the ways to avoid it.   This article in the Huffington Post dated 8/28/14, talks about the idea of stress causing weight gain.    Stress puts undo strain on our bodies.  The increase in cortisol helps with the weight gain issue.

Linda Melone of Next Avenue points out the fact that stress at home and/or at work can lead to weight gain over a period of time.  She gets her information from an Ohio State University study.

This study interviewed women over the age of 53 who were questioned about the events in their lives that they considered stressful.   They were fed a high fat, high caloric meal after which they were measured for the amount of time it took to burn off these calories.  Those who were more stressful burned fewer calories.

Of the seven suggested ways, number three resonated with me.  I should say absolutely resonated because it suggested self-hypnosis because of its ability to relax and reduce stress.  By using self-hypnosis or meditation you can easily relieve stress, lower your blood pressure and solve problems.   If you want to learn how to meditate/self-hypnosis click on the Free Download link above.

Of course exercise was suggested and not to worry.  The article gave time proven suggestions for reducing stress.  Click here to read the complete article by Linda Melone of Next Avenue.

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