Meditative Prayer – Part 2

praying hands - stain glassMeditative Prayer – Part 2

Last post I discussed the definition of Meditative Prayer.  As a reminder it is defined as using focused attention and guidance to make a request in a dialogue with Higher Intelligence, God.  It is a method by which you abandon yourself to the feeling of the desire you want to have fulfilled.

How do you ask for what you desire in a reverent manner and with the most success?  The most effective method of asking for what you want is through Meditative Prayer.

When you first start to learn meditation it is best to be guided. I have created a meditation that you can use to learn the process. You can get your copy at this link or click on the shop link above. The one I recommend is called Spiritual Sanctuary and comes with instructions.

After learning to meditate the vehicle that will take you through relaxing, asking for what you want, the important visualization, and then gratitude is “The One Command.” If you are not familiar with the process go to my blog entry here.

First you must define what you desire in detail.  Then create a scenario (a movie) of what it is like having it in your life.  In the meditative state you will ask for what you want and then concentrate on the outcome of what you request via visualization.

The scene you created is what you will visualize in your Meditative Prayer.  Using your imagination, visualize what you experience in reality when you have what you desire.  You are in this scene doing, being, and feeling successful.

Suppose you are hungry.  Are you concentrating on the fact that your cupboard is bare or on having food to eat?  Depending on what you dwell upon your outcome will reflect those thoughts.  In a meditative state visualize eating to the point where your mouth is watering from the flavor of a big thick juicy steak, baked potato and salad or whatever you like as your favorite meal.  Feel it, taste it, believe it to the level that when you come out of your meditative prayer you feel full.  I don’t know how food will show up in your world however I know without a doubt that it will.  Someone may invite you to dinner.  A bag of groceries may show up on your doorstep; you may find a $20 bill on the ground.  It is not for you to decide how your need will be met.  You just know that it will.

This leads me to the next part of the process.  It is the Sovereign Rule of Meditative Prayer.  Make no effort other than to persevere in imagining yourself in the situation of the answered prayer.  You will naturally fall into the right path and attitude for your request to be answered.  You will have inspired actions to allow your request to come to your world.

Accept that your prayer has been answered and feel yourself crowd out all doubt or questions as to how it will appear.  Surrender yourself to receive the gift of God’s love and know that you are worthy.

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“As you have believed, let it be done for you.” Mathew 9:29

And It is so!

In Gratitude,

Beverly Fells Jones,
The Silver Fox of Consciousness,
The Colony, Texas


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