What is The One Command

The simple answer: it is a 6 step process that opens your awareness to amazing untapped capacities you have within you. It is an invitation to enter into powerful portions of your mind that contain extraordinary abilities.

We have all been given spiritual gifts and the information we need to be successful when we follow our God given purpose in life. Many have not even begun to use their gifts because they do not know they have them. I invite you to start the process of reaching down and finding them or asking for gifts and receiving them.

We are so busy going here, there and everywhere. We are surrounded by energy sapping fear and despair. We need to slow down and listen. We have been advised to meditate . Psalm 1:2 says “But his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.”

In my mind “The One Command” is a process by which we take the time to stop and enter a meditative state as we become present, quiet our minds and slow our brain waves to a level that we can hear answers. When we take the time to sit, be silent and meditate, we will hear Him answer.

Asara Lovejoy, the author of “The One Command,” thoroughly explains how we are able to slow our minds with the simple act of closing and then rolling up our eyes as though looking out of the top of our head. This allows us to slow our thoughts and concentrate on our desires.

So what are these 6 easy to learn steps?

1. It starts with Grounding (quieting) ourselves with our body and the earth.

2. Next we Align ourselves by being present, alive and in touch with who we are.

3. Then we lower our brain waves to the Theta state.

4. We issue the command (prayer) which is composed of 3 parts. The first part is acknowledging that “I don’t know how.” Part two is stating what it is we want to do, change, remove, achieve, or have and then acknowledging that “I only know that I do now.” Part three is, “And I am fulfilled” is the blessing. These three sections comprise the command.

5. After issuing the command and integrating it into ourselves, we then Expand. We expand to imagine that we already have what we Online Blackjack asked for in a much greater way than we could possibly imagine. We also rid ourselves of the doubt and negativity that we have had and bring into ourselves the positive knowledge that we have what we asked for.

6. Lastly we Receive and express the gratitude for being given what we requested.

These six steps take us to our greatest capacity as earthly beings. Many of you are familiar with The Secret and through this movie or book you were introduced to the Law of Attraction. It says that “We will attract into our experience that with which we are in vibrational resonance.”

Everything in this Universe – even that which appears to be empty space – is comprised of energy. That includes you, me, the chair, and even your thoughts and feelings. In school we were taught about molecules, atoms, neutrons, protons and other subatomic particles that comprise all things. They are not still but are moving all of the time. Everything has movement or vibrates because of this energy. When something vibrates at a certain frequency, it naturally resonates with and ATTRACTS things with the same frequency.

You have the ability to change your thinking in a moment and thereby you raise your vibrations naturally and easily without outside sources. It is as simple as cancelling the negative thought and replacing it with a positive one such as thinking of a time when you were happy, joyous, excited or even in love.

All of the common methods of changing our lives depend on our beta, logical, problem solving, reality brain to assist us in making the change. How can you affirm that you have $10,000 in the bank when you only have $100? How can you say you are living in a certain house when you are in an apartment? Our mind will not allow us to feel like it can be so. That is the wonder of “The One Command” it bypasses the beta mind and allows us to achieve our greatest desires.

“as you have believed, let it be done for you.” And It is so!

This entry contains excerpts from my book “Christianity, The Law of Attraction, and The One Command.” For more information Click Here.

In Gratitude,
Beverly Fells Jones
The Silver Fox of Consciousness

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