Seven Ways to Change Your Prospective

Seven Ways to Change Your Prospective We all are given ideas that we believe will be the next great discovery or the solution to a perplexing problem that will change many lives. The Creator of All That Is gives us desires.  I am not talking about “desires of the flesh.”  I am talking about desires […]


  Depression is a stealthy emotional state that can be hard to diagnose or recognize because it has so many ways of showing itself. It can come upon you and you have no idea it is there. Those around you may find you the same as always, slightly different or totally out of your normal […]

Job Title

When I was working for a large computer company,  I decided not to pursue a management path.  I wanted to remain as a worker bee, maintaining my technical expertise.    There was a manager from a different division who took a temporary position as a “Systems Engineer”  in the marketing group.  He was excellent at what he […]

Life Workshop

As a quilter, I created a place where I could go, be alone and create what I believed were masterpieces of fabric and thread. I wanted my place to be a refuge from the world. It was a place where I could retreat after work and after taking care of my family. This was a […]

Writing Your Family History

The weekend of July 27 and 28 2012, I attended the “Write It Now Conference” sponsored by Covenant Church in the Dallas area. It was filled with topics any aspiring author would want to know. However it was designed to help anyone interested in writing. Many people are interested in writing to tell a story […]

Fear and “The One Command

Have you ever felt the feeling of fear for no apparent reason?  Maybe you experienced a feeling of unease that came upon you when you entered a parking garage alone at night (possibly for good reason) or you are meeting a new prospect for your business or you are going on a blind date. The […]