Are They Your Soul Mate or Human Mate?


Are They Your Soul Mate or Human Mate?

Based on popular belief everyone has a special someone whom they will love and who will love and be with them forever. As a young woman I was a believer of this idea because the movies, novels, friends and family all talked about finding your Soul Mate. I am older now, divorced twice and have experienced many things. I have studied ideas and customs from many cultures. I realize that there is such a spirit as your Soul Mate and then there is your Human Mate that you get to experience on a deep level.

There is a major difference between the two. I know you have been told your whole life that you had to find your Soul Mate. We spend an enormous amount of time trying to find a person who is just right for us or makes us feel all tingly inside or we experience fireworks when we kiss. In reality a good relationship on spaceship earth is made up of many foundations. Some that easily come to mind are trust, honesty, integrity, perseverance, like minded in ideas and interests, sexuality, beliefs, etc. A good sound relationship/marriage has these and other characteristics in the foundation. The person who fits these qualities is your Human Mate for a physical body that experiences the five senses.

So what are Soul Mates? Let me begin with who you and I really are because we have forgotten. We are spiritual beings having a human existence. We all have a higher spiritual self that is experiencing this physical world through us. There are other spirits that you have encountered in the heavens with whom you are extremely close. You compare notes about your experiences and may have even been together in previous lifetimes. These are your Soul Mates. You have more than one, just like you have more than one best friend.

When you do encounter such a person, your “Soul Mate,” the relationship will be electric with incredible chemistry and you will feel you are extremely compatible. This is because that person’s energy is very familiar to you. However according to Edgar Cayce (known as the “sleeping prophet”) when you do meet them it is to come together to achieve a joint task. A Soul Mate is most likely not the person you will be with forever on earth. There are exceptions.

Wow! That idea busts the bubble or negates a belief that you may have been given. Have you had someone come into your life in a whirlwind, sweep you off your feet or make you feel like they are your BFF (Best Friend Forever) only to disappear as quickly as they came? This is an example of a Soul Mate. You love them. You care about them however the relationship was good but quick or rocky and frustrating. Very rarely will it be a calm relationship that lasts for a long time.

If you are like me, you don’t like that they leave because you miss their energy; their presence; or their effect on you unless the relationship was negative. You miss something about them that brought you joy. Do not despair you will have the opportunity to share notes with them in the spirit realm.

I met a clairvoyant who talked with me about this. She met and married her Soul Mate. They divorced not long after their children were born. She understood that his job or task was to father her wonderfully psychic children. She is remarried to a marvelous man who is her Human Mate and a great stepfather.

I told you in my article concerning manifesting my truck about meeting Mr. Wonderful and the chemistry we experienced. Not long after getting the truck we talked about how it may be that he popped into my life with the purpose of helping to negotiate the truck purchase. We laughed and said no that wasn’t it however deep down inside I knew the statement was true and as time moved on it became clearer and clearer negotiating really had been his job within my hologram of life.

I can say that Mr. Wonderful is still a fantastic and interesting person with amazing qualities however “The Universe” sent him with a specific assignment. Help Beverly get her truck at the price she was willing to pay.

What did I learn from encountering one of my Soul Mates yet again? Staying in the state of “unconditional love” allows me to see this experience in a enlightened perspective. I learned that I could feel joy, love, happiness and affection in abundance. I learned that I had boundaries and limits that I could choose to cross or choose to hold in place. I learned that I must follow my intuition even when I didn’t want what it was telling me to do.

I want you to learn the difference between finding a wonderful person to be a big part of your life as a Human Mate or the Soul Mate. Look for the right foundation to build a relationship. Yes, your Soul Mate will be with you for a season or a lifetime depending on how you are to serve each other.

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