How the Four Steps to Manifesting Are Defined in the Word YHWH

You have probably heard the name Jehovah.  If you have read certain translations of the Christian Bible you know this refers to the name of the Creator of the Universe.  Many also have heard the name as Yehweh.

The letters YHWH (yehweh) are the English version of what has become known as the Tetragrammaton or four Hebrew symbols יה׀ה.  JOD HE VAU HE.  The Hebraic language, was not one that you spoke. It was a mystical language and it was never uttered by man. Nor was it a language people used to convey thought as I now use the English language.  Those who understood it, understood it as mathematicians understand symbols of higher mathematics.

JOD in the name GOD is a hand or a seed, not just a hand, but the hand of the director. Man’s hand fashions, it molds. You cannot really express yourself without the hand. This is the builder’s hand, the hand of the director; it directs, and molds, and builds within your world.  the hand, or the absolute seed out of which the whole of creation will come.

HE, they gave the symbol of a window. A window is an eye — the window is to the house what the
eye is to the body.

VAU, they called a nail. A nail is used for the purpose of binding things together. The conjunction “and” in
the Hebraic tongue is simply the third letter, or VAU. If I want to say ‘man and woman’, I put the VAU in the middle, it binds them together.  The fourth and last letter, HE, is another window or eye.

In the writing of Neville Goddard he explains these symbols this way,
“This first letter, JOD, is your I AMness, your awareness. You are aware of being aware — that is the first letter. Out of this awareness all states of awareness come.

The second letter, HE, called an eye, is your imagination, your ability to perceive. You imagine or perceive something which seems to be other than Self. As though you were lost in reverie and contemplated mental states in a detached manner, making the thinker and his thoughts separate entities.

The third letter, VAU, is your ability to feel you are that which you desire to be. As you feel you are it, you become aware of being it. To walk as though you were what you want to be is to take your desire out of the imaginary world and put the VAU upon it. You have completed the drama of creation. I am aware of something. Then I become aware of actually being that of which I was aware.  The fourth and last letter in the name of God is another HE, another eye, meaning the visible objective world which constantly bears witness of that which I am conscious of being. You do nothing about the objective world; it always molds itself in harmony with that which you are conscious of being”

It is written that this is the name by which all things are made, and without it there is nothing made that is made. The name is simply what you have now as you are seated here. You are conscious of being, aren’t you? Certainly you are. You are also conscious of something that is other than yourself: the room, the furniture, the people.

1.  JOD (hand)- I Am – aware
2.  HE (window or eye) –   imagine or perceive something
3. VAU (nail) – binding – is your ability to feel you are that which you desire to be and assume you are
4. HE (window or eye) – conscious world in harmony with what you imagine.

Maybe you want to be what you are, or you don’t want what you currently see around you. You have the capacity to feel what it would be like to be what you desire.  As you take for granted that you are what you want to be, you have completed the name of God or the JOD HE VAU HE. The final result, the objectification of your assumption, is not your concern. It will come into your life  automatically as you assume the consciousness of being that which you want to be.

Let’s look at it another way. JOD HE VAU HE is connected to the passage in Exodus 3:14 in which God gives his name (as Ehyeh asher Ehyeh,) translated most basically as “I Am that I Am”, or “I shall be what I shall be”, “I shall be what I am” or “I will become what I choose to become”,”I Will Become whatsoever I please”. with the vocalization “Yahweh” could theoretically be with a meaning something like “he who causes to exist” (the creator deity) or “who gives life” (the root idea of the word being “to breathe”, and hence, “to live”).

Exodus 3:14New International Version (NIV)
14 God said to Moses, “I am who I am.[a] This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I am has sent me to you.’”

Having been made in the image of the Creator we have been given the ability to do just these things and we do, everyday.

When you say I am and whatever you chose to be you have assumed the position.  I am a gardener.  I do what most gardeners to and tend to my plants.  I continue to learn about gardening.  I assume that I am what I say I am.  So in JOD or hand – I am aware that I am the director of my life.  I am aware that I am.   HE I perceive myself as a gardener. VAU I feel and know that I am a gardener and in doing so I will do and say what gardeners do and say.  HE the world around me reflects my thoughts and I have a lush and beautiful garden filled with flowers and food.

Another way of saying this is “Ask and it shall be given to you.”  Believe you have received and it will be yours.”

Many people think that things just show up.  This is not necessarily so.  There are times when opportunities or gifts come into our lives without our having to do anything.  However in most instances we must act on our perceptions of our desires in order to have them manifest in our life.

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“As you have believed, let it be done for you.” Matthew 9:29

And It is so!

In Gratitude,
Beverly Fells Jones,
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