Commentary on ‘Mindful Seahawks’

For Mindful Seahawks, a Thriving Non-traditional Football Culture

This article in the Boston Globe dated 01/31/15 is a very good article about using mindfulness in a culture that is all about tactics, strong bodies and instant replays. Mindfulness and meditation go hand in hand and I refer to the practice of meditation as a way to place you and your desires in the present. Click here for Meditative Prayer post

“In a very short time in Seattle with the Seahawks, [Carroll head coach for Seattle] created a fertile ground for people to explore their own best self,” said Dr. Michael Gervais, a high-performance psychologist, in an interview for Mindful Magazine.

Mindfulness uses different methods for keeping you focused in the now and what allows you to recognize what you need to be successful. In this article it also mentions that the players have been introduced to yoga which also teaches you focus.

“The idea of mindfulness is really important — being mindful of situations, the surroundings you have, understanding what other people are thinking, understanding what other people do extremely well and what their weaknesses are — how do you heighten their strengths and how do you strengthen their weaknesses,” explained Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. “I think that’s kind of the thought process, especially as a quarterback, that I always have to be conscious of, that I always have to be utilizing.”

The idea that you can be very mindful as a football player was interesting to me. Paying attention to each each play and being present knowing that what you do can make a major difference in the outcome of the game no matter what your role.

All in all this is a great article that lets you know that Mindfulness is something that can be used by athletes and CEO’s alike. Take a look at this article and read it with the idea of how you can incorporate Mindfulness and Meditation into your life. Click here to find the complete article in the Boston Globe

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