Commentary: 7 Ways Meditation Can Actually Change The Brain


When you quiet yourself and your mind you do not think that you are making neurological changes to your brain. However according to Alice G. Walton meditation does make such changes. In her article at dated 02/09/2015, Ms. Walton explains information from the medical community about how meditation affects different areas of the brain in a positive manner. Here is the link.

Ms. Walton points out that meditation can help preserve our brain as we age. Those who had meditated for 20+ years had less volume loss than those who did not.

It has been found that meditation quiets the endless chatter or what has been called the “Monkey Mind” and so concentration and attention improve when you meditate at least once or twice per day. Meditation rivals anti-depressants in its ability to regulate depression and anxiety.

The article states “One district in San Francisco started a twice daily meditation program in some of its high-risk schools – and saw suspensions decrease, and GPAs and attendance increase. Studies have confirmed the cognitive and emotional benefits of meditation for schoolchildren . . .”

This is a great article that lets you know that Meditation can help you maintain your brain cells. Click here to find the complete article by Alice G. Walton.

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