The Glass Topped Table

Late last fall the glass topped outdoor dining table shattered. Something fell on the table and destroyed it. I have kept the bottom with the intention of buying a new table or finding a top. Last week I was working in the yard and looked at the table base and stated I don’t know how I have a new table top now. I only know I do now with the help of the Holy Spirit and I am grateful and fulfilled.

Today I was out running errands and as I came back home I noticed a glass topped table sitting by the curb. It was a large round table, which seemed perfect for my base. I went to the door and asked if they were having a garage sale and the gentleman said no however the table is free or for a donation. I told him I would take it for a donation. He helped me put it in my truck.

When I got home, my daughter and I lifted the heavy, round and thick glass top out of the truck and brought it into the back yard. I was not sure if it would fit. The closer I got to the base the more confident I was that it would fit. And fit, it did, with about 1 inch overhang.

I could have passed the table by and I would never have gotten my outdoor dining table repaired for little to nothing. As always, I raise my eyes to the heavens and stated: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We are so busy in our lives we miss opportunities for “Inspired Actions” which will help us attain what we asked to be given. Are you keeping your eyes and ears open to notice when what you asked for has shown up? Be watchful because you may missed it or you receive it, without noticing that you got what you asked for. The more we recognise when things happen, the more our faith will increase. We will make leaps and bounds in our belief that what is asked, is given.

“Just as you have believed,let it be done to you” – Matthew 9:29
And It is so!

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