It’s Time To Know Who You Really Are!

Samantha-2It’s Time To Know Who You Really Are!
Guest Blogger Samantha Russell Raven
Most of us intuitively know that we are so much more than just a physical body — we sense that we have a spirit, and perhaps and energy field, but we don’t really know exactly who and what we really are. It’s all been so mysterious, but now this profound information is available, in detail, and it can upgrade your experience of life forever. The truth is that you have an extensive energetic anatomy: The Human Energy Structure (HES) that forms the vast majority of who you really are, and it highly influences your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being!

What would life be like, if you knew that:
* You are indeed divine at your core
* That you have an internal guidance system designed to provide you with all the information you need
* That you have 7 amazing energetic anatomical systems that are constantly working to keep you vibrant and healthy
* That your soul’s purpose is stored in your energy structure waiting for your conscious recognition
* That there is an entire modality of Energy Medicine called CoreIndividuation, designed to help you to finally release anything and everything that’s been holding you back, so you can really be the amazing force of good you came here to be?I am here to tell you that your physical body is only 12% of who you are, and the other 88% of you is longing for your attention. Knowing about your Human Energy Structure is a profound form of literacy that will forever enhance your understanding of yourself, and what it means to be a human being.A little tidbit I will share is that your own voice is an important tool in unlocking and owning the power of your Human Energy Structure. Tools like conscious intentional language, singing, chanting, humming, and receiving sound healing can dramatically stimulate the aliveness of your energy structure, helping to promote harmony in all of your energetic systems. In fact, one of the 7 anatomical systems is called The Harmonizing Network which has 7 circuits of energy, one for each of the 7 anatomical systems of the HES.  These harmonizing networks, which are sound frequencies, respond to voice, language, sound, and music, and they work to bring harmony to your entire structure.

I help you to know exactly who you are in your expanded brilliance, power, and purpose.  If you or someone you love suffers from anxiety, and longs to make their life sing, then send them to me, I can help!

Samantha Russell Raven,
MA, RMT, MFTi, CoreIndividuation Energy Medicine Practitioner,
Certified Sound Voice and Music Healer, Singer-Songwriter

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