Hypnosis vs The One Command

A while ago an acquaintance who happens to be a hypnotist, took issue with my statement that “The One Command was not like hypnosis in that we don’t do it for you. We guide you to your greater good.” She made the point that a hypnotist does not do the work for the client.

In the meantime, I certified as a hypnotist, therefore, I am in the position to truly decide if “The One Command” guides you to change, remove or improve something in your life and hypnotist tells you what to do.

As a practitioner of The One Command and as a hypnotist, I have a conversation with my client and ask appropriate questions, sometimes very difficult, to discover the deeper issue. Not just what is on the surface. With this information I decide on the proper technique to assist the client to make the necessary change that they desire.

As a One Command Practitioner, I formulate a command together with the client using their words. We create it so that it resonates with them and their desires. I also recognize that if the birth language is something other than English then the command must be said in the native tongue. Now I only speak English. So if the client speaks German or Portuguese or Spanish I can’t say the command. The beauty of The One Command process is that because we form the command together, they know what is going to be said and it allows them to say the command in their language as I guide them through the meditative process.

As a hypnotist I take the same information that I received during our conversation and decide how deeply I take them into an altered state of consciousness. I will choose a script that I deem is appropriate for what my client wants to accomplish. I guide them through the hypnosis process including giving them suggestions as to how to make the change.

Both practices assist you in lowering your brain waves to a level that allows you to connect with your subconscious mind. Hypnosis concentrates on lowering you to the alpha state which is the state you are in when you are daydreaming. With The One Command we train you how to go one step lower to the theta brain wave. What does this mean to you? The slower your brain wave the easier it is to change habits, non-beneficial beliefs, fears, phobias and so on. We do not want to go too low because we would enter the delta state where all consciousness is lost. Delta is when you say you slept like a log and no dreaming occurs.

Let me give the example of a client wanting to lose 20 lbs.

During the conversation I find that the client overeats when in a stressful situation. With a few more questions I may find out what type of situations. I find out from the client where would they be when they are in a relaxed state (on the beach, the mountains, the lake, the backyard). I find out what the client likes and dislikes; what type of foods are the trigger foods and what healthy foods does the client prefer. At this point, as a hypnotist, I would create a hypnotic induction appropriate for the client. I would take them through the process giving suggestions about what to eat and how to handle stress and any other issue uncovered during the conversation that is associated with their weight.

As a Practitioner, I take on the role of the Inquisitive Questioner. A detective and a guide for change. I find out the same and more information than a hypnotist by taking my client through the six areas upon which everyone’s subconscious builds a belief system. They include: Environment, Behavior, Capabilities, Beliefs and Values, Identity and Spirituality. At each level I ask questions, form a One Command in their words and take the client through the process to facilitate change.

Hypnosis is good and it works well for many people and I do believe in the process. In fact I became a hypnotist to be able to create the appropriate statements during the 6 step One Command Process that will assist the client in relaxing easily and effortlessly with the appropriate introduction.

I still believe that hypnosis does it all for you. You just have to sit, relax and listen. With the one command you decide what you will hear and how you will hear it and the suggestions will be in your own words.

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As you have believed, let it be done to you. Matthew 9:29 

And it is so!

In Gratitude,
Beverly Fells Jones
The Silver Fox of Consciousness

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