How To Crack the Code on Your Secret Profit Safe


By Nicole Holland, Master Coach

Have you tried on different business ideas that never really proved profitable for you? From Tupperware to Amway, insurance products to makeup, they make it look so easy to make your fortune, as an independent business consultant. Have you seen how rich some people have gotten from flipping properties or through internet marketing?   How about through drop shipping with Amazon or eBay? Have you ever wondered about why it works for them and not for you?

While it’s true that becoming an entrepreneur is easier today than it has ever been before, earning enough money to make ends meet isn’t quite so simple.

There really aren’t any limitations to starting a business other than the ones that we put upon ourselves.  So why is it that so many entrepreneurs fail to make a sustainable income working for themselves?

Well, there are many variables and a quick Google search of "Why do small businesses fail within their first five years?" will give you over 89,000,000 results. Take a peek through them and you will find many common themes around planning and money. They are all valid however I believe that the biggest issue around entrepreneurs failing to thrive is actually something rarely spoken.

Have you ever thought about how to crack the code on your secret profit safe?

What IS my secret profit safe, you ask? It’s something that we all have and to be truly successful you have to know the right number for each turn of the dial, in order to open it. Therefore, if any of the numbers are off, the safe stays locked. Sure, it’s possible to reach a level of success with only a few of the dials aligned but without them all in order, true abundance will escape you.

There are five wheels that need to be in alignment in order to open your secret profit safe and I’m going to share them with you now.
They are:

  1. Your Current Circumstances

  2. Your Divine Purpose

  3. Your Money Mindset

  4. Your Personal Integrity

  5. Your Tranquility & Bliss

Once you crack the code to your own secret profit safe, making money becomes easy and fun!


For over twenty-years Nicole Holland has been helping people make their dreams come true through supporting them in identifying what they really and truly want to achieve in their life, what internal and external obstacles have been in the way of them realizing success, and creating easy-to-implement action plans for overcoming the obstacles and finally living the life they always wanted. Nicole absolutely loves working with budding entrepreneurs to show them how to turn their passions into profits using the knowledge, skills, and tools that they already have and those who have already started their business and are ready to significantly increase their productivity and profitability.


Nicole Holland
Founder & Master Coach, Adler Services

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