Having Your Emotions Without Them Having You!


by Kiran Patel, M.A., C.Y.T.

Do you ever get so emotionally triggered by something that you can’t even function or think straight? Maybe you feel angry and lash out, wanting to change what’s happening. Or, maybe you feel uncomfortable and avoid the situation, hoping it will change on its own. Yet, part of you knows that neither will help.

Your emotions have taken over. Rather than let them control you, you can use your emotions to propel you further into the life you really want. Here are 5 keys for doing that:

  1. Release the energy in your emotions.

    Recognize your emotions have energy. That energy needs to be expressed in a physical form, just like energy in a lake being expressed through waves. You have a natural system for releasing emotional energy physiologically—e.g., tears, trembling, howling. If you allow that, the intensity of the emotions will subside. They will have less power to run your life. How do you accelerate this process?

  2. Be present to your emotions

    Doing so allows the energy to dissipate more readily. Your presence is like the shore for the waves, helping absorb the emotional energy. But, there’s something more than just having the emotions die out. There is an opportunity for transformation, if you know how to seize it.

  3. Tune into what matters to you

    You feel upset when your perception of what happened is different from what you really wanted to have happen. Your emotions are a response to that gap. They can serve as a signal that something that matters was not fulfilled. Being fully present to the physiological expression of your emotions leads you to a deeper awareness of what really matters to you. How do you use this awareness to bring forth what you really want?

  4. Be inspired to go for what you want

    You are now in the driver’s seat with the emotional energy dissipated and a visceral sense about what deeply matters. Actually, the energy from the emotions transfers over to your commitment to honor what matters to you. You’re motivated to do something that moves you toward what you want. How do you know what to do?

  5. See a clear path to your deepest desires!

    Intense emotions have a way of distorting how you see things. With their energy diminished, you will see what happened more clearly (much like you can see into a lake once its wave have died down). This, along with your clarity about what matters deeply to you, allows you to navigate more strategically. You—not your emotions—are now in the driver’s seat, creating the life you want!

The next time you find your emotions taking over, take some time out. Allow and be present to your body releasing the emotions. Identify and embrace what matters to you and go for it!


Kiran Patel calls people forth to live joyfully from their inner power, create a life based on who they truly are and be free of the grip of social expectations without sacrificing relationships with their loved ones.

Her work is a reflection of who she is. At the age of twenty-four, she navigated through a sexual assault and death threat by accessing an infallible power source from within which led to her assailant backing off and her walking away. Her commitment to transforming suffering led her to earn her M.A. in social psychology, become certified as a mediator, complete a yearlong leadership program in Nonviolent Communication and receive advance certification as Yoga Acharya.

She has reached thousands internationally as a spiritual teacher, workshop leader, coach, speaker and performer. Her writing on nonviolence and yoga has been published in “India West”. Kiran enjoys a simple lifestyle in Northern California and loves communing with the wilderness.

Kiran Patel, M.A., C.Y.T.
Freedom and Fulfillment Catalyst

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