Going to Your Quiet Place

My guest blogger this month is Jan Miesse.   She is an author, speaker, mentor and health coach who has been a career business woman for many years.  Her mission is to impact others to grow and bloom at all times, by offering strength stories and life experiences – from woman to woman.

Enjoy my guest, Ms. Jan Miesse


Going to Your Quiet Place

Some people let their lives take off in several directions that they cannot follow efficiently. Taking time to discover your purpose and direction is worth it; then you must take action.

Knowing when you need to rest, meditate or pray is essential to living into an overall state of wellness and progress. Being in your quiet place to release stress, uncertainty and doubt is intensely valuable to your life’s direction.

Just because you are moving toward your goals doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relax, renew and regenerate. When you lose yourself in the quiet and peace of renewal, you wake with more energy and focus.

It has been said, “A quiet mind cures all.”-Robert Burton

 When we are confused and dissatisfied it sometimes takes waiting patiently in the quiet and peaceful places; we then can realize our truths. When the clutter of life and sound keeps us distracted, we cannot listen with our heart. We cannot understand our desires in order to place them into action.

If we need regenerative healing and wellness through renewal, we must be willing to come into our quiet space and clear our minds. I have often been impatient with life or my decisions. I have come to realize that when we do not take the time to be peaceful and listen, we move too quickly. We make rash decisions and often regret that we didn’t come to peace about them before we race ahead to accomplish our goals.

  1. Take time each day to relax for a short time.
  2. Learn to renew by being peaceful, quiet and meditative.
  3. Offer yourself permission to breathe deeply into thoughts of calm and regeneration.
  4. Commit to learning who you are in the quiet times and what will make your life flow smoothly.
  5. Write down what you learn when you have peaceful times. How do you feel? What goes through your mind? Can you shut out the world for a brief period? Were the times of quiet beneficial to you?
  6. Use your renewed and regenerative spirit as a catalyst to move with flow into the next event of your life. 
  7. Love your life. Respect yourself. Take care of yourself, share happiness and support. Bloom more.

Jan R. Miesse- Author/Speaker/Mentor

www.janrmiesse.com – Bloom Girl Bloom (Real Women with Real Answers)

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