Creating a Vision Board

by Beverly F. Jones and Alida Morrill
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Many people, myself included, have a hard time visualizing using our minds eye. We have to have something concrete in front of us. What is it that you desire in your life and how do you envision it?

Let me start by telling you about one of my afternoons. I was in my office organizing it for the umpteenth time. I came across a brochure for a RV bus. It has a king-sized bed, a double bowl bathroom sink. It has an island in the galley area and lots of room to entertain when we are on the road. Notice I said it in the present tense because it is in the NOW. There is always only now. I took that brochure and tacked it on the wall so that I can see it on a regular basis and reaffirm that this is the RV style, that I would want to have. Now I came up with this particular RV because I go to RV shows and dealerships, just looking, because I desire to take trips across country in the RV bus. I have a camper today but desire the RV. So I saw it, touched it, priced it.

Many of us do not go to look at things we want or desire because we still are experiencing the feelings of lack. What if you went house shopping for homes you currently only dream about? What if you test drove your dream car with the full knowledge that it would be yours someday? What if you looked at travel brochures and boats and classes and whatever your heart desired. You would begin to have an idea of what you truly wanted. Wouldn’t a vision board be nice for you? Understand like goal setting a vision board can be updated and changed as your desires change or as things on the board come into your life.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a poster or cork board or a cardboard box covered with pictures or cut outs from magazines, brochures, travel posters, photos and words, quotes or desires written on the board. If you want a BMW, you would paste a picture of the BMW that you desire on the board. You may want a partner in your life you can put a picture of a person that had the traits that you desired on the board. You could put under it this a representation of my soul mate. The board is filled with the things that you desire.

However, when making this board you need to be clear on your intention and have clarity on what you want in your life. So how do we get that clarity. We ask for it via The One Command. Do a command to ask for the clarity needed to know what you want instead. With The One Command you are concentrating on what you do want.

How do you create a vision board?

A. Set clear goals and the relationship to your central main goal. Spend time getting clarity about what you want in your life. Get clear about your family, home, office, recreational life and environment.

Is a Mercedes, a new motorcycle, or a gorgeous soul mate what you want or is it the emotional response that you are looking to achieve? Is it happiness, joy and being loved that you really want?

When you take the time to understand the person you really are then you can ask for the things that have meaning and they will surely manifest themselves easily and effortlessly.

Vision boards help you in your quest to become crystal clear about what you want to experience in your life.

B. What do you need to create the board?

  1. Poster Board or even the side of a large cardboard box. A cork board or a board that has ribbon crossing over it where you just slip the paper or pictures behind the ribbon. The key is you can use what you have on hand or something very inexpensive.
  2. What to get for the board:
    • Get a big stack of different magazines.
    • Get travel brochures; car/boat/RV magazines and brochures
    • Download pictures from the internet.
    • Take a digital camera and take pictures of things that you think you want and print them out.
  3. Don’t limit the items you can put on the board to pictures. It can be something that represents what you want. A small plastic bag with sand to represent the beach. An artificial flower to represent a garden. This things will make the board come alive for you.

C. You can use glue or paste. Glue stick loses it’s stickiness and so does 2 sided tape. It is my understanding that Elmer’s Glue makes magazine pages ripple.

D. When you have all your items together, plan to spend a couple of hours putting it together. Play meditation music or classical but not music with words because it may influence your thoughts while you are creating your board. Playing the music can help you to develop a concentrated and inquisitive mind.

Daily practice of mental concentration and
visualization is required to master the use of Vision Boards. This is where The One Command is of assistance.

E. Before creating your Vision Boards, issue a One Command to give you insight and the correct vision for your life.

F. Really have fun while putting this together. Go for the universe don’t just look down the block. If you want to live on the ocean in a big beautiful open house, find a picture of the house you would want, that is on the ocean. Look for pictures that really bring you joy when you look at them.

G. You can cut out words or sentences as well. Anything you cut out is great as long as it inspires and motivates you. If you want to get married, cut out a bride and groom or a wedding picture. Have you seen the movie “The Last Holiday” with Queen Latifah? She had a “possibilities book.” The vision doesn’t have to be a board it can be a scrap book like hers.

H. Get a picture of yourself that you really like, where you are happy and feel good and paste this in the middle of the board. In the middle of the vision board on the very bottom write in thick black or dark blue pen… “These or something much better manifests with divine and appropriate timing for my highest and greatest good with the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.”

Put the board where you can see it or not. I had a bill on a board and forgot about it. When I put it on the board I said, the money to pay this off will manifest. 2 months later I happened to see it and I said, oh I still want that. Two days later a contract came that paid off that bill. As long as the desire has been given out it will come in time.

You have issued “The One Command” for what you want instead now expect these things or something better to come at the appropriate time.

The entire universe is your limit. Anything you find that inspires you put that on your vision board.

“as you have believed, let it be done for you.” And It is so!

In Gratitude,
Beverly Fells Jones
The Silver Fox of Consciousness

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