Comforting Your Hurting Inner Child

Many times we wonder why we react to things the way we do.  We look back and chastise ourselves for the way we handled a situation.  We also find ourselves doing things in a certain way and wonder why.  In many instances our actions and the way we react is routed in our childhood. 

In an article on Yahoo News, researchers were observing third to sixth graders on the playground.  They were entering gossip into their PDA’s.  Such as: “Is the cootie girl in your class?” and “Did you hear Dan cheated on the exam?”  They watched as children stood in a group and conspicuously pointed and laughed at another student.   Guess what?  Girls were more often the source and the target of gossip.  It didn’t ease up as they got older it actually spiked in sixth grade.  (

I remember those years when I was the object of gossip and it hurt me into my adult years.  Many of you have the same issue.  I was teased about my looks, my singing voice, my strict parents and I had no way of combating the pain that I even remember to this day.  I was determined to prove all of them wrong and I set on a course that has affected me most of my life.

What can we do about clearing the lessons learned as a helpless child and begin to change the way we react to issues in our lives?  We can mentally go back and help our Inner Child to know that s/he is now safe and has no need to fear.   You see, your Inner Child is also your subconscious mind at work.  Using The One Command process you can say “I don’t know how I comfort my inner child. I only know I do now with the help of the Holy Spirit and I am fulfilled.

There is no past or future there is only NOW.  When you think about what you ate for dinner yesterday, you can almost taste the food or feel the atmosphere of where you were.  Physically you are experiencing that thought as though it was happening now.  The same with the things of your childhood.

When you were a child you had to develop some type of coping mechanism to allow you to deal with any problem, issue, hurt, abuse, etc in your life.  Because you were not an adult, you did not have the skills that you have today.   The way you coped became a part of you and part of your subconscious.

You can use The One Command to talk to your inner child and a visualization. I don’t know how I take care of my 5 year old self and have her/him know that I am here for them. I only know that I am now with the help of the Holy Spirit and I am fulfilled.   Visualize going back and talking with your Hurting Inner Child and discuss the hurt, tell your child that they don’t have to worry any more.  You are there to take care of them.  They do not have to do the things or react the way they had in the past.  It is time to allow the Adult to take conscious control.   Rest assured you can go back and make the change.

As you work through each issue that you feel is holding you back or keeping you from growing, replace the pain, the hurt, and any other feelings with love, joy, happiness, confidence, etc.  Where there is an emotional void we must fill it with what we want instead of what was there before.

Comforting your inner child will give you peace and allow you to move beyond the child state that you have been experiencing.  With The One Command you can make instant change.

“According to your faith let it be done to you” And it is so!!
Matthew 9:29

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