The Top Four Benefits of Focused Guided Meditation

Beverly Fells Jones

As I speak at various venues I have the opportunity to share the experience of “Focused Guided Meditation.” After the meditation has ended I hear statements such as, “That was different.” “That wasn’t what I expected.” “That was nice.” Or there is silence because the person is still processing the experience.

Let me break down the term because I have chosen each word for its definitive meaning.

Focused means to be laser clear on what you are thinking about or setting a goal to accomplish.

Guided is used because the process has a plan that needs to be followed in order to achieve what you want to focus upon.

All of this is done through the meditative process. There are many ways to do meditation. The more common ones are thought to take years to perfect. When you have something to attain, you do not want to practice for years before you are able to make this process work.

Therefore “Focused Guided Mediation” is a meditation that is directed to a specific purpose through an explicit selection of words leading to the sensation of being in the anteroom of God. This is where you are connected with Spirit’s source energy for your desired outcome.

What are the benefits of learning Focused Guided Meditation?


  • The process of meditation takes you to a place where stress does not exist or greatly reduced and therefore you can become highly productive. You can perform your tasks with clarity and in an organized manner because with little stress you think clearer.




  • By being in what I deem the “anteroom of God,” your creative side (right brain) is extremely active. You are in a deep concentrative state of focus during this time, tapping into the reservoir of knowledge that you have stored in your subconscious over the years. If you are a musician, artist, painter, seamstress, designer, or other creative professional this can help you when you are feeling stuck.




  • After learning to take yourself into this highly focused state easily you will be able to tap into this feeling when you are in a high pressure or uncomfortable situation. My favorite example is prior to giving a speech or presentation to an important crowd. This is more than thinking of the people in the audience as naked. This is coming into an elevated state of consciousness, knowing that you will do well.




  • Staying with the idea of being highly focused this will help you concentrate at an extremely high level. Top athletes use this to prepare for competition. Highly technical people can use this state to solve massive problems.  This is the state of a person who defuses bombs. They definitely need to be concentrating on the problem at hand and not what everyone else around them is saying or doing.



Learning to do “Focused Guided Mediation” will help you become more productive, and experience much less stress. What would it mean to you if you spent one hour a day in the “anteroom” or “The Zone?”

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“As you have believed, let it be done for you.” Matthew 9:29

And It is so!

In Gratitude,
Beverly Fells Jones,
The Silver Fox of Consciousness,

The Colony, Texas


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